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 Season #7 Rules

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PostSubject: Season #7 Rules   Sat Apr 23, 2011 12:31 am

Server Setup

~Server must be a paid-for.
~TD On
~Preferrentially set Admin Messages Off
~120 second warm-up timer
~2 second spawn invincibility

Gameplay Rules

~CTF maps may not be picked unless both clans agree
~Galactic Civil Era only
~Minimum size is 3v3, preferable is 4v4
~If your clan has 4 members available - they must make it a 4v4
~Any higher than a 4v4 is optional, even if it is planned as higher than a 4v4
~No spawn jumping(Warm-up timer)
~No using command post light to switch your unit to give it invincibility or to instantly reload.
~No super pistoling
~No tanks
~No turrets
~No specials unless both clans agree on using them.
~No switching classes at all in class specific (ex. You cannot switch to engineer for health/ammo. However you can switch in between maps.)
~No space walking AT ALL (Polis Massa)
~Any map in GCW era may be picked
~If at any point someone lags out, only the player that lagged out may come back
~If at any point someone lags out, both sides play on unless it is before the first person spawns (sometimes the server lags users out right as the warm-up timer hits zero, this will require a replayed map)
~A spectator is required, any disputes that cannot be figured out by staff will be replayed if it was without a spectator approved by both clans
~It is preferrential to have a video recording spectator
~Higher seed picks whether they want to pick 3 maps or 3 factions (For Playoffs)
~During the warm-up timer, do not kill players on the opposing team. (The reason for this is because if you get any rewards in the warm-up timer, it will translate to the actual map.)

Points System

A map win is equivalent to one point.
+1 points for a win(Plus the three map win points. 3 + 1 = 4)
-2 points for a loss
-3 points for a forfeit.
-3 points for declining a challenge
-Two clans can only face each-other once per day.


~4 team playoff
~At least 7 battles played to be eligible
~August 8th Playoffs start
~8 man playoff roster TBA on playoff start
~Tie Breakers as followed:

1. Head-to-Head Record
2. Winning %
3. Map Winning %

*Note - A person that leaves a BFC clan and joins another must wait 1 week before being eligible to play for that clan*
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Season #7 Rules
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