For SWBF2 players to Compete.
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 Singles Ladder Rules

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Singles Ladder Rules Empty
PostSubject: Singles Ladder Rules   Singles Ladder Rules EmptyMon Jul 11, 2011 2:57 pm

~Any class (except specials) may be used or the competitors can specify one class

Two Battle Options

~Both spawn as rebels, fight in CP 5 of Mos Eisley (Arena) [Old School]
~One spawn as empire, one spawn as rebels on Coruscant take alternate bases then start a CONTINOUS glad until score limit is reached [New School]

~No spawn camping on Coruscant, after kill player must return to middle section (may be on raised level though)
~Score to whatever both players agree on
~Both styles start with a detpack exploding in middle or granade explosion
~Old School style starts EACH battle that way, New School is continous
~Old School style no hiding behind skiff or out of arena allowed (accidental roll with immediate re-entry allowed)
~New School style hiding behind objects allowed
~Default is all weapons/health allowed for all classes (players can decide on no health packs/detpacks/auto-turrets if agreed)
~Old School health and ammo driods inside arena must be destroyed pre-battle (use the ones directly out of the main entrance of the arena)
~Can do both styles and add total scores for one battle
~Spectator advised any disputes without proof discounted

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Singles Ladder Rules
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